Yesterday was a little more newsworthy . . .

JB spent the first part of the morning outside; he galloped around for about 15 minutes!  When he started getting a little far away I would call him, and he immediately changed direction every time.  He also worked on his sliding stop:  the first one was great, the second one . . . . NOT so great!  Suffice it to say that (a) that’s what practice is for, and (b) white donkeys CAN be cleaned!

When he was tired of running, he came to me for praise:  “How was that, Mom?  Did you SEE me!?”  I assured him of his extreme cuteness (although he already knew it), and started to walk back toward the house.  JB followed me in lock-step, just like a heeling dog–I would change direction, stop, start, move slow, then fast–he never left my side.

But he still needs major work on the house-training thing!

We were also re-interviewed by the WKRG-TV5 news team; once again, JB strutted his stuff! 

We did have a little cause for concern last night, however.  As I’ve mentioned before, JB’s days 5-7 are the most likely time for him to get sick from lack of his mother’s colostrum–even though he got the synthetic stuff, he still might get sick.  And last night (that was Day 5), he started having diarrhea.  It wasn’t really bad, and he was still frisky, eating well, and acting healthy.  But I DID call his vet first thing this morning to make sure!  According to his doctor, he may experience this periodically due to the formula he takes, variable exercise, changes, stress, etc.  But I know now WHEN to worry, and fortunately now is NOT the time!