Well the JB Report is early this morning, as JB decided to make it that way!

JB’s lust for Foal-Lac finally ended his bottle-feeding days . . . at his 0500 meal, he sucked the end off of his Nuk baby bottle nipple!  This led to experimentation with the calf bottle, which is much larger and has a longer, more slender (more rubbery) nipple.  JB would have none of that–“Feed me NOW!  Figure it OUT!”  (I really expected to see his head spinning around and pea soup coming out of his mouth at that point.)  Anyway, out of desperation, I poured all of his remaining formula into a Country Crock Butter Spread tub, and held it up before him.  After trying to suck the edge of the tub, looking at me in disbelief, and sucking the tub again, he accidentally stuck his nose in the milk . . . he must have correctly gasped, because before HE knew it he was drinking!  He managed to drink about 1 1/2 baby-bottle’s-worth (I’ll need to come up with a new unit of measure now!), which was his usual.

But the 0700 feeding wasn’t that easy–you know, two steps forward, one (GIANT) step back.  I prepared his formula in bulk this time, and took a butter-tub-full to him.  He sniffed all around, tried to nurse my knee, then STUCK HIS WHOLE FACE IN IT!  After taking a few gulps, he tossed his head and covered me, the floor, and the walls with formula; he then proceeded to wipe his wet beard/muzzle/nose all over me.   I was laughing so hard that I didn’t even try to stop him!

Hopefully the learning curve on this “drinking from a bucket” thing isn’t very steep; if it is, you should all go out and buy stock in Foal-Lac, because we’re going to use a lot of it!

I’ve got to go sponge-bathe a white donkey foal, wash down the walls, mop the floor, start a load of laundry, and take a shower . . . GOT MILK?